Paradise in Maldives

Amongst the many beautiful destinations to visit in the world, Maldives hold on to its unrivalled luxurious aura that keeps on attracting the tourists. Ever since Maldives was discovered, it has been must visited place to have the best beach holiday ever! Maldives is a place that would make you feel quiet, where you can simply gaze at its white-sand beaches, crystalline lagoons and azure water. Having known the fact that, Maldives is a popular honeymoon destination. Many couples from different places visit the Maldives. Even by family vacationers who come to rejuvenate amid the scenic island of Maldives. Nonetheless, this holiday destination can also be perfect for food fanatics, history and art lovers as well as adventurers.

Places to visit in Maldives


Male is the capital of the Maldives, an island nation in the Indian Ocean. It’s best known for its mosques and colorful buildings. The Islamic Centre features a mosque, a library and a distinctive gold dome. Majeedhee Magu is a famous street lined with so many restaurants and shops. The National Museum, in Sultan Park, showcases regional artifacts like ancient weapons and sultan thrones. Muliaage, a palace distinguished by its wrought-iron gates, has been the residence of several presidents. Within a gatehouse on the palace grounds lies Medhu Ziyaarai, the resting place of the man believed to have brought Islam to the Maldives. In the north of the island, Hukuru Miskiiy is a 17th-century mosque built of coral stone and housing intricate wood carvings.


Maafushi is a local Island in Maldives, located in the Kaafu Atoll, near the Male’ City. It is one of the most popular local islands in Maldives for both tourists and locals. The island offers picturesque beach views and a perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of the day-to-day life. It is famous for its water activities like snorkelling, dolphin watching and more. Maafushi is certainly a destination that will allow you to enjoy a spectacular Maldives holiday.

Meeru Island

Meeru Island is a four star resort and is the only one of the Meerufenfushi Island, the easternmost islandof the North Male Atoll. Meeru is a large island with a beautiful lagoon and long beaches of white sand, ideal for families and groups, with a variety of animations and excursions and daily activities.

Hukuru Miskiy

The Male Hukuru Miskiy is known as the Male Friday Mosque, is one of the oldest mosques in Malé. Situated opposite the Medhuziyaaraiy, which is the tomb of Al-Hafiz Abul Yoosuf Al-Barbari of Morocco, who converted Maldives into Islam in 1153 AD, and the Muliaage in the heart of the city, the Hukuru Miskiy dates back to 1656 and has been added to the UNESCO World Heritage cultural list as a unique example of sea-culture architecture.

National Museum

The three story building of National Museum of Maldives is located at sultan park in male. The Museum contain artefacts of Maldivian Culture, like, coins, royal antiques, furniture, items of clothing, embellishments and artillery. A person who loves the history and traditional culture should visit this place in Maldives.

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