Important Festivals in January 2020

Celebrations never end in India. And January is the month when the everlasting zeal is seen in cultural festivals and events.  Bringing the folk music, dance, and traditions in the spotlight, these create an alluring opportunity for witnessing the vibrant beauty of the country at its best. Here are the best festivals and events that the first month of the year has to offer.

1. International Kite Festival

Celebrated from 6th Jan to 14th Jan
in Gujrat and Rajasthan

Specialty: Kite flying, aerial acrobats, kite painting and making competitions that multiple the zeal and fun aura of the occasion.

2. Bikaner Camel Festival

Celebrated from 11th Jan to 12th Jan
in Bikaner, Rajasthan

Specialty: Of all the amazing competitions and performances, the camel dance is the major highlight of this festival.

3. Lohri

Celebrated on 13th Jan in All of North India

Specialty: People wear new clothes and welcome the warmer days by lighting up the bonfire and taking rounds around it. Popcorn, gajak, and revdi are savoured with the loved ones over the Dhol beats.

4. Kenduli Mela

Celebrated on 14th Jan in
Kenduli village, West Bengal

Specialty: Dressed in saffron robes, the Baul musicians playing the distinctive instrument – Ektara, and singing about life’s philosophy is very heartwarming.

5. Pongal

Celebrated from 15th Jan to 18th Jan
in Tamil Nadu

Specialty: From decorating houses and making colorful kolams in the streets to bull and bird fighting like Jallikattu in Madurai, everything about Pongal is unique and special.

6. Bhogali Bihu

Celebrated on 16th Jan in Assam

Specialty: On this eve, the locals build Meji, a structure made of wood and leaves that are guarded for a night and then lit up by the fire with a belief that it’ll burn the winter out.

7. Modhera Dance Festival

Celebrated from 19th Jan to 21st Jan
in Modhera, Gujarat

Specialty: The whole temple is illuminated and acts as a gorgeous backdrop for the performances that take place throughout the evening.

8. Jaipur Literature Festival

Celebrated from 23rd Jan to 27th Jan
in Diggi Palace, Jaipur, Rajasthan

Specialty: It offers the perfect opportunity to meet the renowned national and international authors, and listen to them, and all for free.

9. Republic Day

Celebrated on 26th Jan All over India

Specialty: The Republic Day parade, traditional dance troupes, and helicopters flying in the sky are the main attractions of the festival.

10. Vasant Panchami

Celebrated on 29th Jan in Punjab

Specialty: On the fifth day of spring, everyone in Punjab celebrates the day as the festival of kites, wears yellow, and cooks delicious meethe chawal and boondi laddoo at home.

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