All You Need To Know About Railway Ticket Agents

IRCTC – The leading tourism partner of Indian railways – Tatkal Ticket Booking, offers ticketing, tourism, and catering services. This public sector has been handling various aspects of railways, making a smooth and comfortable ride for all the passengers. With time, IRCTC has become more efficient by enabling an online portal for people that helps to book tickets. This company also authorizes various IRCTC agents who book tickets to ensure a seamless journey. Taking the help of a train ticket agent can prevent the extra pain of booking tickets. Being a rail ticket agent is no cakewalk. It requires specific skills and comes with a lot of benefits. If you want to become an IRCTC agent, you are on the right platform. 

Perks of Being an IRCTC Agent 

One of the most sought-after jobs on the internet these days is an IRCTC railway ticket agent. Since this job offers many benefits, many people want to apply for the same. Here are a few perks of being an IRCTC agent:

  • An IRCTC agent is authorized to book an infinite number of e-tickets. 
  • A railway agent can get quickly earn up to Rs. 80,000.
  • Ticket agents do not have to worry about canceling tickets, and they can book any number of tickets.
  • The ticket booking process is also relatively swift because the money is deducted directly from the IRCTC wallet.
  • These agents can earn up to 20 to 40 rupees as commission per booking. 
  • If a ticket has been booked through your agency, then your name will be displayed on the ticket. Thus, your company will get a good promotion. 

Indian Railway

Difference between an IRCTC agent ID and a Personal ID

There are many ways in which the IRCTC ticket booking process differs for individual users and IRCTC ticket agents. Some of the differences are:

Permission for bookings

On personal ID, an individual can book only up to 6 reservations in a month. However, when it comes to IRCTC agents, there is no such limitation on them. They can book any number of tickets in a day. 


To become an IRCTC agent, you will need a lot of documents such as your Aadhar card, PAN card, email ID, mobile number, and a passport-colored photograph. However, if you book tickets with a personal ID, you will not require such documents. Only details like name, email ID, mobile number, and gender are required. This will help you to create an IRCTC account. 

Registration fee

There is no subscription fee on the IRCTC portal for the personal user. Once you have created your account, you will now be able to book your tickets for free. The agents, however, have to pay an annual fee. The enrollment fee for the first year is 6999/-. After this year, the prices go up to 2999/- plus the GST. 

Earning through commissions

A railway agent can make quite an acceptance through commissions. However, the commission varies as per the class in which a ticket is booked. As an IRCTC agent, you can earn up to Rs. Twenty per PNR for sleeper and 2S classes and AC classes can earn up to Rs.40 per PNR. If you book with your ID, you will not get any commission. 

Process of activation

Once the registration process has been done, you will have to wait for the activation process. Your IRCTC agent ID will be generated after your documents are verified. When you submit all your documents and your enrollment fees, you will be asked to get your KYC done. Online video verification will follow it. After this process, you will get your unique IRCTC agent login certificate. Once all this procedure has been accomplished, you will be able to book tickets from your IRCTC agent ID. This is not possible in the case of a personal ID. 

Rules for Emergency or Tatkal booking

Regulations for tatkal ticket booking are entirely different for personal ID users and IRCTC agent ID. For the former, booking only two tickets per PNR is allowed. The railway ticket agents are permitted to book only one ticket per train in a day. The time to book tickets is also different for both users. A train ticket agent cannot book any non-tatkal tickets from 10:15 AM to noon. They can book tatkal e-tickets fifteen minutes after the portal is opened for the general public. 

How Can You Become an IRCTC Authorized Principal Service Provider?

Being an agent through IRCTC gives you the authority to issue e-tickets. Once your registration process is completed without any hassle and extra work, you will get unique login ID credentials to help you access the portal. With the help of this ID, you will be able to manage all railway reservations, domestic and international flights, holiday packages, tourism, money transfers, etc. Visit the IRCTC agent page to get further login details. You will get their agent interface. 

Follow These Steps to Become an IRCTC Railway Ticket Agent

  • Visit the Flywidus website authorized by IRCTC that will accept your agent registration form. You will get a detailed list of all the IRCTC-approved service providers. You can even download the state from the website.
  • Once your form has been filled, you will have to submit all your documents, such as an attested copy of your Aadhar card, address proof, recent colored photo, and one demand draft of the subscription fee. After this process, you will obtain your IRCTC agent login credentials. 
  • The next step is to wait for a response. Wait up to 3 to 4 days. You will get a reaction once all the work has been completed. 
  • If your verification is completed successfully, you will get an IRCTC agent business license that will enable you to start your agency of traveling and tourism. 


Visit and we will provide you with direct login credentials from IRCTC through our B2B service. This way you get to earn a double commission as well. 

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