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Gangtok is the capital city of Sikkim which is known as a beautiful place to spend vacations. Sikkim is situated at around 5410 feet in the Himalayas’ lower feet. Gangtok serves you with splendid and magnificent views in abundance like the snow-covered peaks, streams, lakes, and waterfalls. Gangtok not just offers you heavenly views but is also an amazing spot for all the travel junkies. From families to solo travelers, the adventure activities here are for everybody. Enjoy the brilliant views of Sikkim Tourism Places while taking a tour of the city. If you are adventure lovers and natural beauty lovers visit sikkim gangtok

What To Do In Gangtok To Explore The Best Experiences 

While visiting Gangtok, many stay confused about what to do in Gangtok; below given are some of the best adventure activities that you must do while you visit Sikkim Gangtok

Cable Car Ride

Cable Car Ride in Gangtok

In the beautiful panoramic landscape of Gangtok, you can head out for a cable car ride. Which is one of the best things you can try in Gangtok. Start your ride at the lowest boarding station called Deorali Bazar. Explore the hustle and bustle of the city with beautiful valleys here. The cable car stops for a break at the next station called Namnang point. Where it’s time to absorb the tranquility of nature. 

The highest station for a cable car ride is Tashiling. You can see the peak of Mt.Kanchenjunga from here with the enchanting views. The entire cable ride is just 15 minutes holding six people maximum at one time. 

Yak Ride At Tsomgo Lake – Gangtok

Yak Ride At Tsomgo Lake

One of the unique and top things to do in Gangtok is the Yak ride. Yaks are popularly known as the Himalayan Camels as they are able to carry a heavy amount of weight without the consumption of food for days. People of any age group can surely try this Yak Ride at Tsomgo Lake if you have been struggling in thinking about what to do in Sikkim. Tsomgo Lake, also known as Changu Lake, is located around 40 km away from Gangtok at an elevation of around 12,313 feet. 

The best time to visit Gangtok and experience this Yak Safari in Sikkim is during winters when the entire lake is in a frozen state, giving you a marvelous view experience. The lake reflects the different colors as the seasons keep on changing. 

River Rafting at Teesta River – Gangtok

River Rafting

The best time to visit Gangtok, If you are an adventure lover and would love to try river rafting in Gangtok, then try Teesta River Rafting, as it is one of the main attractions for all the travel junkies out there. River rafting here is popularly known as White River Rafting as the river keeps on creating white foam on the water because it flows down to the Eater Himalayan Trek. Non-swimmers and swimmers can both easily take part in this River Rafting adventurous sport. 

Paragliding – Gangtok

Paragliding in Gangtok

If you have been thinking of trying Paragliding, then Gangtok is one of the best Sikkim tourist places to go for Paragliding. Experience the magnificent breathtaking bird view from the valleys of Sikkim. The professional pilots are appointed to take the tourists on the flight for the best paragliding experience. You can try any one flying option as Paragliding in Gangtok serves you with two kinds of Paragliding – Medium and High Fly Paragliding.

Nathula Pass

Nathula Pass

Nathula Pass is a high-altitude pass located on the Indo-China Border in Gangtok. It is a serene place located on the Old Silk route connecting Sikkim to China. Nathula Pass is an international border, so the tourists are able to view huge gates with military bunkers. Being one of the best and most amazing places to visit in Sikkim, you can also explore the Watershed War Memorial and Army Exhibition at Nathula Pass to learn about the sacrifices and achievements of the India Soldiers. Some other famous spots near Nathula Pass are Zuluk Wildlife Sanctuary, Kyongnosla Alpine Sanctuary, Mandakini Waterfalls, and Baba Harbhajan Singh Memorial Temple. 

Trek at Goecha La

Goecha - Gangtok

All the adventure junkies love doing treks, and one of the top things to do in Gangtok is taking a hike on the famous trek in Sikkim known as Goecha La. This trek is also known as the ‘Trek for Kanchenjunga’ as the trail of the trek passes through the Kanchendzonga National Park. Start your trek from Yoksom and end at Goecha La. Indulge yourself in the breathtaking heavenly beauty of nature by enjoying camping at night. It’s time for you to get the best memorable experience with this trek at Goecha La. 

The Goecha La trek is lengthy and tough. Several tour operators organize the trek as they keep a check on all the necessary permits and equipment to efficiently complete the trek. So, you must research before you go for the trek at Goecha La. 

Hang Gliding

Hang Gliding in Gangtok

One of the top things to do in Gangtok is Hang gliding which is often confused with Paragliding. In Hang gliding, the pilot navigates in the air using his own weight. While the first Time fliers in such a game do it with a professional pilot. You can experience hang gliding adventure activity in Gangtok at two points – Yumthang and Jorethang. 

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